Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Important Interview Questions..

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After a long long time I am here to post some interview questions on ASP.NET,
I hope that it will help you,

What is framework.
what is CLR? When its role comes?
What is connection pooling and object pooling? Difference
what is Authentication & authorization? types of authentication
what is customerror tag in web.config, its use
what is value type & ref type & where they are store.
what is assesmbly? types...
types of data control.
diff between server.transfer, server.execute & response.redirect
what is session management & types and diff?
how many column in datagrid and what r?
diff between datagrid, datalist, repeator ?
what are events of datagrid and sequence of execution?
what is Exception handling?
what is dataset, datareader, diff?
how many tables can be in dataset?
how to create COM+ in .net?
How to use com component in .net?
What is diff between metadata and menifest
What is http Handler?
What is serialization and its type?
What is uddi , soap , wsdl
What are the files required for deployment of the website?
what are different ways of debugging?
How can we debug an application if we do not have visual studio?
diff between web control , user control and custom control?
When to use remoting and when to use web service?
difference between interface and abstract classes?
From which class thus the web form is derived and what is its
What is appsettings in web.config?
How we can use the com components in teh asp.net?
What is difference between UDF and stored procedures?
How we get values from stored procedure in asp.net code?
What is the purpose of abstract class?
What is diff between remoting and web service?
How many types of join are there in sql server?
What are different ways of authentication in .Net?
How the sessions are mantained in asp.net?
How we can transfer application from asp to asp.net?
what to do if i want that Class a can not be inherited?

1) What are ISAPI Filters?
2) What is process model in machine.config file?
3) Difference between inetinfo,aspnet_isapi.dll,aspnet_wp.
4) What are Composite controls in .Net ? How do u create them?
5) How can .Net assemblies be decompiled? What are the possible ways to prevent it?
6) Permission Settings in .Net
7) Difference between Http handlers & Http Modules.
8) Custom Configuration section of Web.Config?
9 Explain .Net remoting & its various communication channels
10) What are service oriented components?
11) Explain Serialization & various serialization formatters in .net
12) What is Event Bubbling?
13) How we can use the com components in the asp.net?

What is view state, session object ,cache object ,application object.
What is scope of view state, session object ,cache object ,application object.
Difference between cache object and application object.
Difference between interface and abstract class
What is data relation and write code that
What is trigger and types
Write code for abstract class, interface and define property in interface
Write query for second highest salary
If I use view state and go to second page and redirect to first page then view state maintain or not
On datagrid if I place button then what events will fire
If place datagrid inside another datagrid then what events will fire

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